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​「"Digital" "Analog"」 into one notebook.『E-BOOK』

    FALL/WINTER 2018

    2018年 秋冬 


    2019年 春夏

■ Cloud Funding "Makuake"

Run until January 2019.

Thanks to you for your considerable support.



General sales will start in April and later at home electronics mass merchandisers.


■ Cloud Funding "INDIGOGO"

E-BOOK (Memonote) at INDIEGOGO $ 50,086 USD total funds raised


$50,086 USD total funds raised 469% funded on August 10, 2018

After that, we released Makuake. To be successful again


【What is E-book】

① "Handwritten" which is the source of idea is "Digital" "Analog" into one notebook.
② Built-in "mobile battery" indispensable in daily life. It is OK with this one book for smart charging.
③ Protecting privacy "Pattern lock mechanism" There is no worry that you will be peeping.