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      "Trading company connecting the world freely"
      ~ To the person seeking the desired thing ~


In 2014, our customers in Japan are reasonably priced Chinese excellent products
It was founded to introduce.


The items handled so far are car goods, sporting goods, outdoor equipment, mechanical equipment, daily goods,
Hobby miscellaneous goods, household goods, clothing items, Korean beauty supplies etc.


Among them, we launched two brands in car supplies and ladies' apparel
We are proceeding with developing other stores in the net shop.


In household goods also taken up by NHK, we are also handling wholesale including OEM.


Korea Beauty Maker We are also handling mail order support of the agency in Japan.


Also, based on experience so far, we have traditionally superior products in Japan
We are also considering introducing it to overseas customers.


To the extent that life without internet can not be considered,
It has become a period of globalization of the world for a long time.


Under such circumstances, regardless of nationality "to those who want things wanted" "more convenient"
Aiming at "a trading company that connects the world freely" with the motto
We will continue to grow.